Final Project

Here is a link to my final project.

I chose to create a wiki based on what I learned in my personal learning and what I learned through teaching this course this semester.  Coupled with that I also included some of the research that I have been doing on interest.  The reason why I chose to go that way in terms of how I researched my pedagogy is because keeping students interested in the process is at the heart of what we want to do and at the heart of connectivism in general.

This wiki is still a work in progress.  I have content on all of the pages that I have created but what I need to refine is the description of the assignments for the students along with the assessment.  Doing so will allow the students to see how they are assessed and then can offer insight as to what they expected for their assessment.  The videos themselves are short, I did this so that the students could see the key concept and how to do that concept and then be able to try things out for themselves.  As I am not yet in a distance teaching scenario I would still be there to support the students as they need.  I have separated out the actual technical skills they might want as a quick reference just in case they need to figure out how one thing or another works quickly.

I chose to separate a students and teacher section as well.  The reason for this is that since I am one of the people in the division that people ask a lot of technical questions of I thought that I would separate out the boring parts of pedagogy and the course outline out so that the wiki is a lot more streamlined for each user type to experience.  I have included a list of the reading that I found relevant to the project itself.

This process has taught me a lot about wikis.  I was not aware just how easy it was to have everything linked to each other through tags or between internal pages.  Before this I was using my actual wiki that I have been using this semester as a simple web page that was easy to update.  One project that I will be considering for next year is having the students create a tutorial themselves using Jing or a From here on out I will be using the tagging tools among other tools to integrate different content into my wiki.  On top of that the technical production skills that I have been gaining over the semester have been awesome.  I have had the chance to start producing commercials for the Culture Club at our school to try and get students more interested in participating in the various activities held through out the school.  It is a time consuming process to do well but as I saw on Friday this is a rewarding process when students are enthusiastic about the video at the very least.

On the Wiki I have put on 6 separate projects that worked well with my students.  I have put the outlines for 6 projects but as stated above this site is a work in progress so I will be adding refinements as the time goes.  One of the projects that my students really enjoyed did not work out as I had hoped at home so I will be updating the wiki when I get back to school on Monday.  I am pleased with the result so far and hope that it will prove to be an invaluable resource when I teach this class again next year.


About mrthejud

I'm a teacher at Greenall High School in Saskatchewan.
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