Final Reflections

When I was looking at putting together a video or presentation I found myself limited to the amount that could be communicated through it.  So I put together a Coles Notes of the post below in video form.

I struggled with this class considerably through the semester.  I struggled a lot more than I ever thought I would during a technology based class.  This is a class that is built around a community and for some reason I could not wrap my head around that and participate in the community that was established.  I came into the class looking at Social Media from a personal perspective and thought that I recognized all of the ways that the tools could be used.  But only recently have I realized that as professional tool things like twitter are invaluable to be shown different articles or places that information could be gathered.  For some reason I had it in my head that a professional network would resemble the way that a personal would look.  This is similar to expecting to have a friendship with your colleagues in your building and being disappointed in the fact that they only want a professional relationship.  I wish I would have come to that realization sooner.

Not only that but my time teaching with technology has always been doing technical classes which are only concerned about students having a certain set of skills.  With no context I always viewed the tools I was showing the students as just another tool to display typing practice or to show off their set of photos.  I realize how unfortunate that is since there is more to it than that if you can pick the context that students interact with the technology in.  Since classes like Communication Production Technology and Information processing are context neutral it is hard for me to pin down a story for them to portray during the class.  This is something that I will have to work on in time.  Whether it is structuring my Production class so that the students are in teams that I treat as if they were a production team and I am a client.  Unfortunately looking at the way that I structured things this year if the students do not have a story that they would like to develop it is like handing them a set of automotive tools without them owning a car.

I found the structure of the class both intriguing and frustrating at the same time.  I loved the fact that there were people from all over the world who were tuning into the class and finding other people’s perspectives was interesting.  But as someone who has been working with these tools for years, I didn’t have any large revelations technologically speaking.  The blog has been a good way for me to voice my opinions and have other people interact with them.  Having others comment on my post helped me to focus on my attitudes towards social media and how I could change them or how I wanted to stay the same in them.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who commented/read my blog.  Your input is/was greatly appreciated.

I think that now that the class is drawing to a close I will take another look at Twitter.  Not for anything personal but as a professional tool.  When I first signed up for twitter I was trying to use it as a personal tool and got quickly frustrated as there wasn’t enough happening on there for me to feel any sort of connection with it.  Truth be told I created my last twitter account during a PD session in September and really didn’t mean for that twitter account to be propagated into the class group.  I have searched my gmail logs to try and find a spot where I might have sent the address into Alec but I haven’t found it yet.  I just thought of it as my web presence blending over to where I didn’t necessarily want it.  I really hope that it isn’t looked at as a slight that I didn’t use twitter.  I really did not mean as one.

I would say I came into this class cynical about social media in general as my experience with it as a communication tool with friends has been disappointed to put it mildly. Leaving this class I would say that I have warmed to somewhere in between mildly cynical to mildly enthused about the technology. I would like to say thank you again for your patience and your reading.

That brings me to my video.  I decided that I would try out some new things with it so I started learning Adobe After Effects.  I had worked with it here and there and have used it in my classroom from time to time but hadn’t taken the time to learn more about it. The video went from a small project to a very large project and I managed to bring it back to a medium sized project. As with anything like this there are always things that I would like to have done differently but here it is. Most of this was done with still images and some rotoscoping. If you would like more information about the process please ask.

Thanks for reading.



About mrthejud

I'm a teacher at Greenall High School in Saskatchewan.
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2 Responses to Final Reflections

  1. Jud..loved your video it made me think and it made me laugh! learned more about you in 3 minutes than in three months but that is true for others in the class as they shared their final learning reflection…enjoyed your cynicism but happy that you might reconsider the social and affective needs of your learners.

  2. lewisv says:

    Loved your final reflection, Jud. Your ‘pondering chair’ obviously helped you reflect on various social media tools and the importance of collaboration, network building, etc. and how you might help students see the ‘bigger picture’.

    You have such amazing video-production skills and a very creative side! Thanks for sharing.

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