Net Neutrality: And it begins

So I was reading my daily dose of internet news and came across this story.

The issue is that Comcast is trying to charge Netflix from using their network.  The threat is currently if Netflix does not start paying Comcast they will start blocking the content from Netflix.  Where this gets really interesting is that Comcast is trying to purchase NBC and will be able to offer its own video services through the current Comcast services or Hulu which it would own if/when it purchases NBC.

If we look at this from a perspective of education this becomes a huge problem as the ISPs could be making deals with certain media companies over who can show what.  Since the ISPs hold the keys to your internet connection if left unchecked these corporations could specifically dictate what media you and your classroom could see.


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I'm a teacher at Greenall High School in Saskatchewan.
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One Response to Net Neutrality: And it begins

  1. Dan M says:

    There’s a good description of Comcast’s perspective in this article:

    There’s a lot of grey area with net neutrality. I hope there are some clever people with bucketloads of foresight working quickly on good internet policies.

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