Video Games History as a Subject?

I am curious how older communities still function and whether these communities will be studied the way we study other cultural events.  If we look at Eve Online as an example we can see a video game which is coming around to its 8th year of existence.  With multiple expansions and engine upgrades the game has a large following even now.  The most interesting part of all of this is that the history of the game is well documented.

For those who are unaware the game consists of either playing as business people who are trying to create a massive corporation or you play as a space pirates trying to steal from the corporations.

With these games lasting as long as they have already and being as well documented as they are I wonder what kind of lore has been created around certain users and whether that will turn into our versions of fairy tales that we read to our children in the future.  Or whether students will start studying different tactics and problem solving strategies using the diverse examples set out by games like these.


About mrthejud

I'm a teacher at Greenall High School in Saskatchewan.
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2 Responses to Video Games History as a Subject?

  1. ktenkely says:

    Interesting idea. I think that education would do well to use games like these as learning vehicles. I’m not sure about turning them into fairy tales but you never know!

  2. mrthejud says:

    Well actually there is a College in Indiana which has added the game Portal to their book list for one of their classes. Information can be found here

    The reason why they are using this game isn’t because of the hand eye coordination aspects or even the logical thinking used in puzzles but the game is being used because of the characterization of the main antagonist in the story.

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