My Introduction Video

Well I managed to put together an introduction video yesterday and forgot to put it on here.  I started dabbling around with the Adobe CS5 package to put it together.  While it is only around a minute and a half I’m satisfied with the result.


About mrthejud

I'm a teacher at Greenall High School in Saskatchewan.
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4 Responses to My Introduction Video

  1. Nice job! I especially like the smart car animation. (-:

    I’ve been engaged in an interesting discussion of digital identity on Plurk (where I am more active than on Twitter), but that conversation revolved more around using an alias online versus using one’s real name. I have always been a proponent of use of one’s actual name online, but I think it would be hard to separate public and private online interactions in that case. I know many people who do have two Facebook accounts, for example, with the private one very tightly restricted.

    I will be interested to see how your thoughts and actions evolve on this topic!

  2. courosa says:

    Well done, Jud.

    I am thinking that those particular questions (re: separation of work/homelife) will come out when we have @shareski talk to us about Identity. Of course, these questions will come up in other areas as well.

    Of course, you could always post about the issue, and I could certainly help round out some answers from others.

  3. mrthejud says:

    Thanks all. I’m slowly but surely trying to wrap my head around using Adobe After Effects. Its a pretty amazing program that I’m really excited to start using with my students.

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